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ICS "References" were earlier versions of the Blue Books, and were usually hard bound.
Sometimes they included the exam questions, sometimes even answer keys.
Generally, all are copyright free if published prior to 1921.

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ICS REF 002, 1904.Dynamos and Motors
Operation of Dynamos and Motors
Dynamo-Electric Machinery
Geometrical Drawing
Mechanical Drawing
Steam Heating
Steam Turbines
ICS REF 005, 1904Geometrical Drawing,
Freehand drawing,
elements of perspective,
perspective drawing,
historic ornamental drawing,
architectural drawing,
advanced architectural drawing
ICS REF 005B, 1907Geometrical Drawing,
Projection Drawing,
freehand and ornamental drawing,
wash work and brush drawing,
elementary perspective drawing,
architectural drawing
ICS REF 006, 1905Elements of Pen-and-Ink Rendering
Rendering with Pen and Brush
Elements of Water Colour Rendering
Rendering in Water Color
Drawing from Nature
Drawing from Cast
Elements of Figure Drawing
Drawing from the Figure.
ICS REF.008.Plant Analysis,
Distemper Color,
Bookcover Designing,
Carpet Designing,
Oilcloth and Linoleum Designing,
Wallpaper Designing,
The American Vignola,
Color Harmony.
ICS REF 008, 1905Planer work, shaper and slotter work, drilling and boring, milling-machine work, gear calculations, gear cutting, grinding
ICS REF 009, 1904.Types of Steam Boilers
Boiler Details
Boiler Fittings
Combustion, Firing, and Draft
Boiler Design
Economic Combustion of Coal
Automatic Furnaces and Mechanical Stokers.
Boiler Installation
Boiler Management
Boiler Trials
Boiler Feeding and Feedwater
ICS REF 011, 1904Arithmetic, spelling, penmanship, vertical penmanship
ICS REF 015Mathematics.
Elementary Algebra,
Trigonometric Functions,
Elementary Mechanics,
Logarithms. 1905.
ICS REF 015Inorganic Chemistry
pending restoration
ICS REF 015, 1902Inorganic chemistry
ICS REF 016Principles of Electricity and Magnetism, Electrical Measurements, Batteries. 1905.
ICS REF 017Telephony. 1905.
ICS REF 018Sulphuric Acid
Alkalines and Hydrochloric Acid
Manufacture of Iron
Manufacture of Steel
pending restoration
ICS REF 022B, 1905Spelling, penmanship, vertical penmanship, shorthand, typewriting
ICS REF 024Mechanics
Steam and Steam Boilers
Steam Engines
Air and Air Compression
Hydromechanics and Pumping
pending restoration
ICS REF 024bDuplex and Quadruplex Telegraphy
Multiplex Telegraphy
Testing of Circuits
Printing and Messenger Call Systems
Printing and Messenger Call Systems
Submarine Telegraphy
High Speed Telegraphy
pending restoration
ICS REF 027, 1905Gases Met with in mines, mine ventilation, hoisting and housing appliances, surface arrangements at bituminous mines, surface arrangements at anthracite mines
ICS REF 034Loads in Structures
Properties of Sections
Materials of Structural Engineering
Beams and Girders
Columns and Struts
Details of Construction
Graphical Analysis of Stresses
pending restoration
ICS REF 39, 1905Geometrical Drawing (Section 13)(1901),
Mechanical Drawing (Section 14)(1904),
Sketching (Section 15)(1904),
Practical Projection (Section 16)(1899),
Development of Surfaces (Section 17)(1899)
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ICS REF 040Mathematics,
Arithmetic (Section 1)(1899)(key 1908)
Arithmetic (Section 2)(1902)(key 1902)
Elements of Algebra (Section 3)(1900)(key 1897)
Elements of Algebra (Section 4)(1900)(key 1897)
Logarithms (Section 5)(1897)(key 1897)
Geometry and Trigonometry (Section 6)(1899)(key 1898)
On Shelf.
ICS REF 040Principles of Law.
The Law in General(Section 01)(1904).
The Law of Personal Rights(Section 02)(1904).
The Law of Property(Section 03)(1904).
The Law of Property(Section 04)(1904).
The Law of Property(Section 05)(1904).
The Law of Property(Section 06)(1904).
The Law of Property(Section 07)(1904).
The Law of Wills(Section 08)(1904).
The Law of Contracts(Section 09)(1904).
The Law of Contracts(Section 10)(1904).
The Law of Contracts(Section 11)(1904).
The Law of Contracts(Section 12)(1904).
The Law of Contracts(Section 13)(1904)
ICS REF 041Mechanics,
Elementary Mechanics (1898)(key 1897)
Strength of Materials (1899)(key 1894)
Machine Design (1897)(key 1897).
On Shelf
ICS REF 042Mechanics, known to exist.
ICS REF 043Electricity and Magnetism
Electrical Resistance and Capacity
The Magnetic Circuit
Electromagnetic Induction
Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Primary Batteries
Electrical Measurements
pending restoration
ICS REF 044b
Principles of Law.
ICS REF 046Storage Batteries;
Incandescent Lighting
Arc Lighting
Interior Wiring. 1905.
ICS REF 046B, 1908Storage batteries, incandescent lighting, arc lighting, interior wiring,
modern electric-lighting devices, electric signs, electric heating
ICS REF 047Electric Power Stations
Telegraph Systems
Telephone Systems
Applied Electricity
pending restoration
ICS REF 059B, 1912Locomotive boilers, boiler attachments, heat and steam, the locomotive, valves and valve gears,
locomotive management, breakdowns, oil-burning locomotives
ICS REF 075Elementary Mechanics,
Pneumatics, Heat,
Elementary Graphical Statics,
and Strength of Materials
ICS REF 080, 1906.Qualitative Analysis, (Section 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25).
ICS REF 080a, 1921Plain, Fancy, and Automatic Looms
Box Motions
Lend Attachments
ICS REF 084Automatic Telephone Systems
House Telephones
Testing of Telephone Systems
Telephone Line Constructions
Telephone Cables
Power Equipment.
ICS REF 113, 1906Show-card writing, show-card design and ornament, letter formation
ICS REF 114Poultry Houses
Poultry House Management
Poultry Feeding
Natural Incubation
Natural Brooding
Artificial Incubation
Artificial Brooding
Laying Hens
Market Eggs
Market Poultry.
ICS REF 122Transportation
ICS REF 123Transportation
ICS REF 133, 1905Arithmetic, geometry and mensuration, elements of algebra, algebraic equations and elements of trigonometry, geometrical drawing, structural drafting
ICS REF 138 Drilling
Lathe Work
Boring Mill Work
Working Chilled Iron
Bench, Vice and Floor Work
ICS REF 138, ????Drilling, lathe work, boring-mill work, working chilled iron, "bench, vice, and floor work", erecting
ICS REF 143 Electricity and Magnetism
Principles of Telegraphy
Subscribers' Station Equipment
Outside Plant
Maintenance and Organization.
ICS REF 145, 1907Properties of gases, mine gases, mine ventilation, fuels
ICS REF 152Stencil and Block Print Designing
Leather and Metal Work Designing
China Decoration Designing
Tile and Parquetry Designing
Linoleum and Oilcloth Designing
Carpet and Rug Designing
Wallpaper Designing
Stained and Leaded Glass Designing
Selling Designs and Obtaining a Position.
ICS REF 156, 1909Arithmetic, formulas, geometry and mensuration, electrical wiring and bellwork,
design of beams, design of beams, design of columns, design of roof trusses, design of plate girders
ICS REF 158 
----ICS REF 158, Section 23Section 23, Excavating Shoring and Piling
----ICS REF 158, Section 24Section 24, Footings and Foundations
----ICS REF 158, Section 25Section 25, Areas Vaults and Retaining Walls
----ICS REF 158, Section 26Section 26, Cements
----ICS REF 158, Section 27Section 27, Concrete Construction
----ICS REF 158, Section 28Section 28, Stone Masonry
----ICS REF 158, Section 29Section 29, Stone Arches
----ICS REF 158, Section 31Section 31, Carpentry
----ICS REF 158, Section 32Section 32, Carpentry
----ICS REF 158, Section 33Section 33, Mechanics of Carpentry
----ICS REF 158, Section 34Section 34, Joinery
----ICS REF 158, Section 35Section 34, Joinery
----ICS REF 158, Section 53Section 53, Steel Square
----ICS REF 158, Section 54Section 53, Steel Square
ICS REF 160, 1909Building superintendence, specification-writing memoranda, estimating and calculating quantities, contracts, permits
ICS REF 162 Arithmetic,
Elements of Algebra,
Algebraic Equations and Elements of Trigonometry,
Principles of Mechanics,
Machine Elements.
ICS REF 162 Fields of Advertising Employment
Advertising Letters
House Publications
Technical and Trade Paper Advertising
Mail Order Advertising
The Law an Advertising Man Should Know
How to Enter the Practical Field.
ICS REF 162, ????Arithmetic, mensuration, elements of algebra, algebraic equations and elements of trigonometry, principles of mechanics, machine elements
ICS REF 168, ????Carbureters, electric ignition devices, automobile and marine engine auxiliaries,
power-gas producers, management of automobile engines, management of marine gas engines,
management of stationary gas engines, troubles and remedies, power determinations
ICS REF 169, ????Specifications, quantity surveying, London building law, provincial building law, easements, estimating
ICS REF 171, 1908Arithmetic, elements of Algebra, Logarithms, Geometry and Trigonometry, elementary mechanics
ICS REF 174. 1908 
---ICS REF 174.00Title Page, Copyright, Preface, and Table of Contents.
---ICS REF 174.38Valve Gears
---The Slide Valve
---The Bilgram Valve Diagram
---Slide-Valve Proportions
---The Simple Harmonic Valve Diagram .
---Harmonic Diagram Considering Angularity of Connecting-Rod
---ICS REF 174.39Variable Cut-Off Valves
---Expansion Valves
---Reversing Gears
---Link Motion
---Radial Valve Gears
---The Corliss Valve Gear
---ICS REF 174.40Mechanics Of The Steam Engine
---Crank-Effort Diagrams
---Prone Brake
---Transmission Dynamometers
---ICS REF 174.41Steam-Engine Governors
---Types Of Governors
---Pendulum or Flyball Governor
---Shaft Governors
---Flyball Governor Calculations
---Shaft-Governor Calculations
---ICS REF 174.42Steam-Engine Design
---Preliminary Data.
---Back Pressure and Point of Exhaust Closure
---Fundamental Engine Calculations
---Cylinders and Steam Chests
---The Engine Shaft
---The Crankpin
---Crank and Counterbalance
---The Piston
---Piston Packing
---Piston Rod
---Calculation for Connecting-Rod
---Proportions for Connecting-Rods
---ICS REF 174.43Crossheads.
---Valves, Valve Stems, and Eccentric Rods
---Eccentric Sheaves and Straps
---Stuffing boxes
---Engine Flywheels
---Engine Frames, or Beds
---Examples of Engine Proportions
---ICS REF 174.44Types Of Steam Boilers
---Classification of Boilers
---Stationary Boilers
---Horizontal Shell, Flue, and Tubular Boilers
---Vertical Tubular Boilers
---Horizontal Water-Tube Boilers
---Vertical Water-Tube Boilers
---Scotch Marine Boilers
---Water-Tube Marine Boilers
---ICS REF 174.45Boiler Fittings And Accessories
---Safety Valves
---Safety-Valve Calculations
---Graduation of Safety-Valve Lever
---Location of Safety Valve
---Fusible Plugs
---High- and Low-Water Alarms
---Steam Gauge
---Glass Water Gauges
---Gauge-Cocks .
---Water Columns
---Steam Whistle
---Steam Domes
---Steam Drums
---Manholes and Handholes
---Steam-Drying Devices
---Feed water Piping
---Water-Feeding Apparatus
---Cleaning Devices
---ICS REF 174.46Boiler Settings And Chimneys
---Foundations for Boiler Settings
---Supports for Horizontal Boilers
---Walls and Firebrick Lining
---Boiler Fronts
---Return-Tubular Boiler Setting
---Miscellaneous Boiler Settings
---Boiler Furnaces
---The Bridge Wall
---Mechanical Stokers
---Liquid-Fuel Burners
---Construction of Chimneys
---Chimney Calculations
---Smoke-Pipe Connections
---Damper Regulators
---Purpose and Application of Mechanical
---Forced-Draft Apparatus
---Induced-Draft Apparatus.
---Advantages of Mechanical Draft
---Power Required for Mechanical Draft
---Construction and Installation of Economizers.
---ICS REF 174.47Boiler Piping And Auxiliaries
---Piping Details
---Pipe Fittings
---Valves and Cocks
---Steam-Piping Accessories
---Feedwater Purifiers and Heaters
---Feedwater Heaters
---Steam Traps _ _
---Design and Arrangement of Piping
---Flow of Steam in Pipes
---Arrangement of Piping
---General Arrangement of Steam Plants
---ICS REF 174.48Fuels And Boiler Trials
---Theory Of Combustion
---Air Supply for Combustion
---Temperature, Heat, and Rate of Combustion.
---Transfer and Loss of Heat
---Classification of Coal
---Steam-Boiler Trials
---Horsepower and Efficiency Tests
---Determination of Quality of Steam
---Coal Analysis
---Analysis of Chimney Gases
---Standard Form of Boiler Trial
---Working up Boiler-Trial Data
---ICS REF 174.49Steam-Boiler Design. Part A.
---Proportions of Boiler Parts
---Heating Surface
---Grate Surface
---Horsepower of Boilers
---Boiler Materials
---Testing of Boiler Materials
---Details of Boiler Construction
---ICS REF 174.50Steam-Boiler Design. Part B.
---Boiler Calculations
---Strength of Boiler Shells and Flues
---Proportions and Strength of Riveted Joints
---ICS REF 174.51Master Index
ICS REF 177, 1909Fireproofing of buildings, stair building, ornamental metal work, builders' hardware, roofing, sheet-metal work, mill design
ICS REF 205. 1909. 
----ICS REF 205, Section 10Section 10. Advertisement Display. A. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 11Section 11. Advertisement Display. B. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 12Section 12. Mediums. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 13Section 13. Retail Management. A. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 14Section 14. Retail Management. B. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 15Section 15. Retail Management. C. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 16Section 16. Department Store Management. A. 1909.
----ICS REF 205, Section 17Bookkeeping. Section 17. Department Store Management. B. 1909.
ICS REF 231Poultry Farming. Volume I. 1910.
ICS REF 232Poultry Farming. Volume II. 1911.
ICS REF 238b, 1916.Mental Qualities
ICS REF 240, 1912.Standard Bred Poultry. Volume I.
ICS REF 241, 1912.Standard Bred Poultry. Volume II.
ICS REF 264B, 1914 
----ICS REF 264B, Section 24Section 24. Electricity and Magnetism. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 25Section 25. Electricity and Magnetism. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 27Section 26. Theory of Direct Current Generators and Motors. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 28Section 28. Direct Current Generators. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 29Section 29. Direct Current Motors. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 30Section 30. Resistance Measurements. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 31Section 31. Direct Current Measuring Instruments. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 32Section 32. Alternating Currents. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 33Section 33. Alternating Currents. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 34Section 34. Alternators. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 35Section 35. Transformers. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 36Section 36. Alternating Current Rectifiers. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 37Section 37. Alternating Current Motors and Synchronous Converters. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 38Section 38. Industrial Motor Applications. 1914.
----ICS REF 264B, Section 51Section 51. Storage Batteries. 1914.
ICS REF 273 Design of Roof Trusses
Mill Design
ICS REF 273, ???? Design of roof trusses, mill design
ICS REF A003. 1902.Steam Engineering.
----ICS REF A003, Section 34Section 34, Pumps. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 35Section 35, Pumps. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 36Section 36, Pumps. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 37Section 37, Elevators. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 38Section 38, Elevators. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 39Section 39, Elevators. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 40Section 40, Elevators. 1902.
----ICS REF A003, Section 41Section 41, Steam Heating. 1902.
ICS: A Threatise on Building Construction. I. 1900. 
ICS: A Threatise on Building Construction. II. 1900. 
ICS: A Treatise on Telegraphy. 1901.Arithmetic (1899).
Mensuration (1898).
Elementary Algebra and Trigonometric Functions (1899).
Elementary Mechanics (1898).
Principles of Electricity and Magnetism (1900).
Electrical Measurements (1900).
Batteries (1901).
ICS: An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. I.An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. I.
ICS: An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. II.An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. II.
ICS: An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. III.An Elementary Treastise on Plumbing Heating and Ventillation. III.
ICS: Spanish ISpanish I. Spine mark '1'. 1914.
ICS: Spanish IISpanish II. Spine mark '1'. 1914.
ICS: Spanish IIISpanish III. Spine mark '1'. 1921.