The "Green Stock" and Miscellaneous Collection.


ICS "Green Stock" were materials 1) internal to ICS (advertising, course lists, price lists, catalogs, diplomas, certificates, etc) and/or
2) from the "student union" (pins, paper, drafting sets, key fobs, buttons, etc.).

Green Stock was so called as such were carried in the field in green carpet bags by the traveling salesmen.

Other materials not fitting the other categories, to include ASC, are also included here.

ASC Certificate.XASC 'Scholarship' Certificate.
ASC Fob.XASC watch fob.
ASC Pin.XASC student pin
ASC Pin.XASC pin.
ASC Pin.XASC student pin.
ICS 25 Year Ribbon.front and detailICS 25 Year Ribbon.
ICS 9K Gold Medal #1.front and backICS Gold Medal #1, the 'blue' medal.
ICS 9K Gold Medal #2.front and backICS Gold Medal #1, the 'white' medal.
ICS AdvertisementsX, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, XPopular Mechanix ICS ads. (donation)
ICS Advertisements1903ICS Magazine Ad. Dentist to Draftsman.
ICS Advertisements1906ICS Magazine Ad. Side of the Desk.
ICS Advertisements1924ICS Magazine Ad. University of the Night.
ICS Button/Pin.X ICS Buttonhole Button.
ICS Button/Pin.X, X, X ICS student pin, pin card, and pin card back.
ICS Button/Pin.X.Maple Leaf Service Pin. (ICS Canada) 10k Gold.
ICS Button/Pin.X ICS Student Pin. different version.
ICS Button/Pin.XGraduate's Lapel Pin.
ICS Button/Pin.XStudent Pin. different version.
ICS Card.XExample of an ICS traveling salesmens card.
ICS Card.XAnother example of an ICS traveling salesmens card.
ICS Century Club.front and backICS Century Club Medal
For a student who achieved 100 percent on all tests.
Pin bar and ribbon missing.
ICS CertificateXICS Scholarship Certificate, 1902.
ICS Coin.X.Maple Leaf Service Challenge Coin. (ICS Canada) 10k Gold.
ICS Completion Certificates. [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10]
[11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]
[21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30]
ICS Course List.Page 1, 2Electrical Engineering Course List. 1946.
ICS Course List.Page 1, 2Tool Design Course List. 1955.
ICS Cover BB.XICS BB Cover.
ICS Cover, REF.XICS REF Cover.
ICS Cover, TP. XICS TP Cover, tan, TP 1984, in protective bag.
ICS Cover, TP. XICS TP Cover, blue, TP 6386A
ICS Diploma.XExample of an ICS Diploma, 'diploma' version, name and major removed.
ICS Diploma.XExample of an ICS Diploma. 'certificate' version,
ICS Drafting Kit.XAn ICS drafting kit as sold with course work.
ICS Drafting Kit.XAn ICS drafting kit as sold with course work. Different.
ICS Encampment Medal.XICS Encampment Medal. Pennsylvania Sons of Veterans.
ICS Flyer/Pamphlet.X, XLittle Giants Pamphlet. Two versions.
ICS Flyer/Pamphlet.XMechanical Engineering Advertising pamphlet. 1923
ICS Flyer/Pamphlet.XStudent Aid Pamphlet.
ICS Flyer/Pamphlet.XWho Wins And Why. 1922.
ICS Gold Seal.XI.C.S. Gold Seal. Adorned diploma folders.
ICS Gold Seal.XI.C.S. Gold Seal. Adorned book boxes.
ICS GS Book.XThe I.C.S. 15th Anniversary Banquet. 1907.
ICS GS Book.XIdeals of the ICS Fraternity.
ICS GS Book.XThe I.C.S. System of Instruction by Mail and the Results Achieved. 1904.
ICS GS Book.XRegister of International Correspondence Schools. Third Edition. 1908.
ICS GS Book.XWhat We Teach. 1907.
ICS GS Book.XA Day In The Worlds Schoolhouse, 1910
ICS GS Book.XSamples of Work in Drawing, 1901.
ICS GS Book.XSolicitors Hand Book, 1901.
ICS GS Book.XTraining for Success in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Pharmacy, 1926.
ICS Key Fob.XI.C.S. Key Fob.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 1.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 2.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 3.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 4.
ICS Letterhead.X ICS Letterhead 6.
ICS Letterhead.X ICS Letterhead 7.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 8.
ICS Letterhead.XICS Letterhead 5.
ICS Price List.XICS Price List. (Green Book 0754) 1941.
ICS WWII Information Packet.XWorld War II Information Packet, to include the poster for the bulletin board.
ICS MatchbooksX, X, X ICS Matchbook Advertising examples.
Watermarks, ICSArchive.X, X, X, X Examples of the ICSArchive Watermarks.
Watermarks, ME.X The Majere Estate Watermark. See History Page for usage.
Watermarks, Librum.X The Librum Owl Watermark.