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New FAQs related to the Cookbook Archive
Why the heavy watermarking?
To comply with the new international rulings in regards to public domain works.
Have you noticed that all the online archives are backstepping to insure that the physical repository of the work is noted? That is now a requirement.
Have you noticed that all the online archives are backstepping to insure that the original online archive of the work is noted? That is now a requirement.
Have you noticed that all the online archives are backstepping to insure that the digitizers markings of the work is noted? That is now a requirement.
Have you noticed that all the online archives are backstepping to insure that the copyright registry of the work is being consulted and each work verified (with certificate) as 'public domain'? That is now a requirement.
We are striving to be in full compliance with these rulings, particularly the HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL) vs Authors Guild (AG) (2012), and the Majere Estate vs WHP (2011) cases.
And now, thanks to these cases, there really is a true INTERNATIONAL 'public domain' standard, procedures, and legal framework.

Why not use the PDF OCR?
Several reasons:
First, it can really increase the file size. Second, many people simply refuse to use it. Third, the OCR ('Find Text') is not the best, and in fact with many older texts, simply impossible to use. Using the ATOCI system, you get smaller files, a search method people will use, and a good OCR.
You are quite welcome to perform the 'find text' on any one, that is why they are 'pure' pdf. If you do so, please extract and share!

When will you do the ATOCI for xxxxx?
There is no set schedule. Considering that we have over 600 files (as of this posting) and a guess-estimated 400 awaiting certification as public domain, it may be quite a while. Even at one a day, we are looking at an estimated three YEARS. So, again, please 'pitch in', and help us build this great resource by building an ATOCI or two.

I sell collections of Public Domain works on eBay®, will these new rulings affect my company?
These rulings were to streamline the use of 'public domain' works. These rulings were to clarify the INTERNATIONAL minefield that was public domain works. (And your selling on eBay® makes you 'international', automatically.) These rulings were to protect those who make them available to us.
  IANAL (I Am Not A Lawyer), but as our legal services explains it, as long as one shows respect to any 1) existing digitizer marks and notices, 2) existing physical repository marks and notices, 3) existing original online repository marks and notices, and 4) does not attempt to claim anything other than a 'collection' copyright, there are no issues.
  NOTE: There is some question if one can file a 'collection' copyright under these new decisions. Thus far, we have been successful, but they REALLY look for/at the marks, and we have been told they are going to become even more rigid at the United States Copyright Office on this. Some online repositories, HathiTrust Digital Library is the leader in this movement, are retouching to put all such marks on all works, even if previously not present. Others are asking for 'grandfather'ing, citing the huge resource drain to do so. We may be forced to this, despite the huge resource cost it will take.
  NOTE: Simply putting in a copyrighted page of your own, even registered, does NOT allow you to extend a/your copyright over the whole work. Watermarking with a registered copyrighted or trademark watermark also does not allow one to claim a copyright over the whole. This is one 'mine' that has tripped up several 'jobbers'. See the Majere Estate decision for more detail on that.
(follow-on to above) I do not see digitizer, physical repository, or original online repository on many of these!
The Librum, which the ICSA is under, did all the original digitization on almost all of the works in this archive. There may or may not be marks, but if there are any they must be honored. And be aware that almost all digitizers, and online repositories have hidden marking systems. Just ask WHP, the works they pirated had hidden marks, and it ONLY TOOK ONE to win that decision in favor of the Majere Estate.
  We DO store information inside the PDF files structure, which is now the 'industry standard', in fact Acrobat® does this automatically for everyone.
  On one briefing, we were told a 'war story' on Google®. They used to do a 'page-dot' hidden marking. They would take the last digit of the copyright year, go to that page, and mark that dot on the page with a micro-edited smiley, frowny, or 'G'. The Google® lawyers asked for a 'sideboard' during the case, explained the system to the judge, and he discovered that the sixth period on the sixth page of a work copyrighted in 1906 was a 'frowny' face. The judge immediatly ruled in favor of Google®.