American School of Correspondence Archive

All the works we have of this school that have been found, forwarded, or restored, are archived HERE: .

The above directory includes more than the 'red books', but also 'encyclopedias' and any other publications we have come across.


Mini History

Founded in 1897, in Hyde Park of Chicago, ASC, also known as 'The American School', was primarily a trades school. A later descendent was founded in Lancing Illinois in 1996, as primarily a correspondence high school. Some histories state that the school simply moved, but that is not the case, legally they are separate and distinct. Our collection is limited to the Hyde Park group, which is public domain, as the original school wished to deny the 'upstart'.

(Created from the 1935 bulletin and copyright sale records.)
(Amended as other resources become known and available.)
(RB stands for 'Red Book', the standard book format.)

A Year of Algebra 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
A. C. Theory (Steinmetz Method)
Accounting for Clubs, Hotels, and Societies
Accounting for Modern Corporations
Accounting Management 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Accounting Management 11-20 (from 1935 bulletin)
Accounting Practice and Procedure
Actions at Law and Suits in Equity (from 1935 bulletin)
Actions of law and suits In equity. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Administrative and Industrial Organization
Admiralty Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Advanced Accounting Practice 01-60 (from 1935 bulletin)
Advertising and Sales Organization
Aerial Propeller
Aerial propeller. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Aeronautical motor. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Aeronautical Motors
Aeronautical Practice I. 1912.
Aeronautical practice. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Air Conditioning 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Air, Ventilation, and Warming.
Algebra 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Algebra 3 (from 1935 bulletin)
Algebra 4 (from 1935 bulletin)
Alternating Current Electricity 01-13 (from 1935 bulletin)
Alternating Current Machinery (from 1913 work)(Parts I-VI ?)
American Literature (from 1935 bulletin)
American Shorthand System Part 1
American Shorthand System Part 2
Appellate Court Procedure (from 1935 bulletin)
Appellate court procedure. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Architect and His Legal Relations (from 1935 bulletin)
Architectural Design 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Architectural Details 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Architectural Drawing and Lettering. (from 1913 work)
Architectural Drawing Parts I-II
Architectural Drawing. (from 1935 bulletin)
Armature Winding 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Astronomy (from 1935 bulletin)
Auditing 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Auditing Parts I-III
Aviation and its future. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Aviation Engines 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Bacteriology and Sanitation (from 1935 bulletin)
Bailments, (from 1935 bulletin)
Bank Bookkeeping Part II. (from 1913 work)
Banks and Banking Laws (from 1935 bulletin)
Batteries 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Bench Work (from 1935 bulletin)
Billing and Order Recording
Bills, Notes, and Checks 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Bills, notes, and checks. Part 1. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Bills, notes, and checks. Part 2. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Blueprint Reading for Building Trades 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Blueprint Reading for Machine Trades 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Boiler Practice (from 1935 bulletin)
Bookkeeping 01-15 (from 1935 bulletin)
Botany (from 1935 bulletin)
Brakes (from 1935 bulletin)
Brewers' Accounts
Bridge Engineering Parts I-II
Building an Aeroplane
Building and Flying an Aeroplane (from 1913 work)
Building and flying an aeroplane. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Building Superintendence 3 (from 1935 bulletin)
Building Superintendence 4 (from 1935 bulletin)
Business Correspondence 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Business English 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Business Management (Sanitary) (from 1935 bulletin)
Business Management I (from 1913 work)
Business Management II (from 1913 work)
Business Statistics
Care and Operation of Automobiles (from 1913 work)
Care of Storage Battery (from 1935 bulletin)
Carpentry 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Chemistry (High School) (from 1935 bulletin)
Civil Engineering Specifications and Contracts 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Code Pleading and Practice (from 1935 bulletin)
Code pleading and practice. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Commercial Accounts as Evidence (from 1935 bulletin)
Commercial Aeronautics 01-50 (from 1935 bulletin)
Commercial Arithmetic 2 (from 1935 bulletin)
Commercial Law 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Commercial Law Parts I-V
Common Carriers 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Common Law Pleading and Practice 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Compressed Air 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Concrete Design and Construction 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Conflict of Laws 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Constitution of the United States 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Constitution of the United States. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Contractors' Accounts
Contracts and Agency (Summary)
Contracts and agency (summary). (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Conveyancing and Abstracts (from 1935 bulletin)
Conveyancing and abstracts of title. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Corporate Suretyship (from 1935 bulletin)
Corporation Accounts and the Voucher System. (from 1913 work)
Correspondence and Filing
Cost Accounting 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Cost Analysis
Criminal Law 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Criminal law. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Criminal Pleading and Practice (from 1935 bulletin)
Cyclopedia of automobile engineering; a general reference work. 5 vol. Pending Restoration
Cyclopedia of Carpentry and Contacting. 4 vol. Pending Restoration.
Cyclopedia of Civil Engineering. 8 vol. Pending Restoration.
Cyclopedia of Commerce. 10 vol. #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 pending restoration. #4, #7, #8, #9, #10 BOLO.
Cyclopedia of Drawing. 4 vol. #4 pending restoration. #1, #2, #3 BOLO
Cyclopedia of Engineering. 7 vols. Pending Restoration.
Cyclopedia of Fire prevention and insurance; a general reference work. 4 vol. #4 pending restoration. #1, #2, #3 BOLO
Cyclopedia of Heating Plumbing and Sanitation. 4 vol. Pending restoration.
Cyclopedia of Locomotive Engineering. Pending restoration.
Cyclopedia of Mechanical Engineering. 7 volumes. Pending restoration.
Cyclopedia of Modern Shop Practice. 6 volumes. Pending restoration.
Cyclopedia of Practical Accounting; a general reference work on accounting, bookkeeping, banking, office records, cost keeping, systematizing, etc. 4 vol (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Cyclopedia of Telephony and Telegraphy. 4 vol. #2, #4 pending restoration. #1, #3 BOLO
Dams and Weirs Parts I-II
Department Store Accounts (from 1913 work)
Department Store Accounts Parts I-II
Descriptive Astronomy (from 1913 work)
Design and Construction of Aeroplanes
Design of D. C. Dynamos
Design of Ducts 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Design of Small Motors 2
Design of Small Transformers,
Developments (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Dies and Sheet Metal Work Stamping (from 1935 bulletin)
Diesel and Other Internal Combustion Engines (from 1935 bulletin)
Dirigible Balloons
Dirigible balloons, (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Domestic Hot Water Supply (from 1935 bulletin)
Drainage Work and Venting (from 1935 bulletin)
Drill Press (from 1935 bulletin)
Dynamo-Electric Machinery (from 1913 work)
Earthwork Parts I-II
Effective Selling 01-18 (from 1935 bulletin)
Electric and Gas Refrigeration 01-07 (from 1935 bulletin)
Electric Automobiles Parts I-II
Electric Lighting Parts I-IV
Electric Measurements Parts I-II
Electric Railways (from 1913 work)
Electric Railways Parts I-IV
Electric Wiring and Lighting. Pending restoration.
Electrical Appliances (from 1935 bulletin)
Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrical Drafting 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Electrical Equipment on Automobiles 01-14 (from 1935 bulletin)
Electrical Layouts (from 1935 bulletin)
Electrical Measurements, 1909. Pending restoration.
Electrical Principles 01-07 (from 1935 bulletin)
Electrical Transmission Lines
Electrical Wiring, 1909.
Electromagnets and Induction Coils
Elementary Science and Heating Materials
Elementary Science and Sanitary Material (from 1935 bulletin)
Elements of Chemistry (from 1935 bulletin)
Elements of Electricity 01 1909
Elements of Electricity 02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Elements of Fire Insurance
Elements of Motor Vehicle Design 01-16 (from 1935 bulletin)
Elevators' Parts I-V
Employment Management and Safety Engineering. 7 vol. #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 pending restoration. #5 restored. #1 BOLO
Engineering of Excavation 01-09 (from 1935 bulletin)
Engineering Parts I-II
English Classics 3.
English Composition and Rhetoric (from 1935 bulletin)
English Literature 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Equity 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Equity Pleading and Practice (from 1935 bulletin)
Equity pleading and practice. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Equity. 3 vol. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Essentials of Psychology 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Estimating (Sanitary) (from 1935 bulletin)
Estimating 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Estimating. (from 1913 work)
Extraordinary Legal Remedies (from 1935 bulletin)
Federal Law and Federal Courts (from 1935 bulletin)
Federal Procedure (from 1935 bulletin)
Federal procedure: instruction paper by James 0. Jenkins. 0. 50c, '12. Am. school of correspondence. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Financial Management 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Financial Management 11-20 (from 1935 bulletin)
Fire and Fire Losses
Fire Insurance Broker
Fire Insurance Inspection Parts I-VI
Fire Insurance Law (Including Standard Policy) Parts I-III
Fire Insurance Rating Parts I-III
Fire Insurance Underwriting
Fireproof Construction Parts I-IV
First Year Algebra (from 1935 bulletin)
Floor Work (from 1935 bulletin)
Food Study (from 1935 bulletin)
Forging Parts I-II
Forgings 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Freehand and Perspective Drawing (from 1913 work)
Freehand Drawing for Mechanical Draftsmen 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
French (from 1935 bulletin)
Fuel Systems 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Gas and Oil Engines Parts I-III
Gas Engines and Producers (from 1913 work)
Gas Producers (from 1935 bulletin)
Gasoline Automobiles Parts I-VI
Gasoline Engines 01-12 (from 1935 bulletin)
Gasoline Tractors 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
General Expense and Cost Summaries
General Science (from 1935 bulletin)
Geography (from 1935 bulletin)
Geometrical Definitions (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Geometrical Problems 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Guaranty and Suretyship (from 1935 bulletin)
Guaranty and Suretyship
Heat (from 1935 bulletin)
Heating and Ventilation (from 1913 work)
Heating and Ventilation 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
High Speed Diesel Engines 01-07 (from 1935 bulletin)
Highway Construction 2
Highway Engineering 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
History of Architecture (from 1935 bulletin)
Home Management (from 1935 bulletin)
Horizontal Boring Mill (from 1935 bulletin)
Hydraulic Engineering (from 1913 work)
Hydraulics (from 1935 bulletin)
Indicators and Valve Gears (from 1935 bulletin)
Industrial Controllers Parts I-II
Industrial Electricity 01-24 (from 1935 bulletin)
Infectious Diseases, Disinfectants, and Garbage Disposal
Instruments and Materials (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Insulation (from 1935 bulletin)
Insurance Accounts Parts I-II
Insurance and Real Estate Accounts (from 1913 work)
Insurance Law 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Interior Electric Wiring Parts I-IV
Internal Combustion Engines 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
International Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Intersection (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Interstate Commerce Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Introduction to study of law. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Irrigation Engineering
Irrigation Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Isometric Projections (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Landlord and Tenant (from 1935 bulletin)
Lathe (from 1935 bulletin)
Latin (from 1935 bulletin)
Law Books and How to Use Them (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Agency 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Bankruptcy (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Contract 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of contract: 2 vol. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Copyright (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of copyright. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Damages (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Evidence 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Patents (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of patents. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Personal Property (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of personal property. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Persons 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Quasi-Contracts (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Real Property 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of Sales 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of sales. 2 vol. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Shipping (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of shipping; prepared by Robert M. Hughes. 1). pa. SOc. '12. Am. school of correspondence. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Torts 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Law of torts. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Law of Trade-Marks and Trade-Names (from 1935 bulletin)
Layout Work (from 1935 bulletin)
Legal Ethics (from 1935 bulletin)
Legal History and Law Reform (from 1935 bulletin)
Legal history and law reform. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Legal Relations
Lettering (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Liberty of Contract and Labor Laws (from 1935 bulletin)
Liberty of Contract and Labor Laws
Liberty of contract and labor laws. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Library of American law and practice: a general reference work on criminal law, domestic relations, mercantile law, torts, property, wills, equity jurisprudence, pleading and practice In law and equIty, evidence, private and public corporations(from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
, constitutional law, international law, patent law, federal law, etc., prepared by authors Liens (from 1935 bulletin)
Literature (from 1935 bulletin)
Locomotive Boilers and Engines Parts I-II
Machine Shop Work II.
Maintenance of Motors and Generators 01-08 (from 1935 bulletin)
Making Parts 1-III
Management of D. E. M. Parts I-II
Management of Dynamo-Electric Machinery Parts I-II
Masonry and Reinforced Concrete (from 1913 work)
Masonry and Reinforced Concrete Parts I-V
Measuring Tools (from 1935 bulletin)
Mechanical Bookkeeping
Mechanical Drawing 04-14 (from 1935 bulletin)
Medical Jurisprudence (from 1935 bulletin)
Medical jurisprudence. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Metallurgy (from 1935 bulletin)
Meters 01-08 (from 1935 bulletin)
Military Uses of Aeroplane
Mining Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Modern Engineering Practice. 12 vol. pending restoration.
Modern American Homes (from 1913 work)
Modern Diesel Engine Practice 01-11 (from 1935 bulletin)
Modern Land and Submarine Telegraphy
Mortgages, Chattel and Real 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Mortgages, chattel and real. 2 vol. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Motion Pictures (from 1913 work)
Motives that Influence Men 01-08 (from 1935 bulletin)
Motor Boats
Motorcycles (from 1935 bulletin)
Municipal Corporation (from 1935 bulletin)
Municipal corporations. 3 vol. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Negligence (from 1935 bulletin)
Oblique Projections (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Office Equipment and Filing 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Office Practice (from 1935 bulletin)
Official Refrigeration Service Manual 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Outboard Motors (from 1935 bulletin)
Oxy-Acetylene Welding 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Partnership, Bills, and Notes (Summary)
Pattern Making, 1898. Pending restoration.
Pattern Making 3 (from 1935 bulletin)
Penmanship 01-08 (from 1935 bulletin)
Perspective Drawing 01, 1916,
Perspective Drawing 02 (from 1935 bulletin) Philosophy of the Law (from 1935 bulletin)
Physiology and Sanitation (from 1935 bulletin)
Plane Surveying 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Planer (from 1935 bulletin)
Plumbing (from 1913 work)
Plumbing in Dwellings (from 1935 bulletin)
Power Distribution.
Power Station and Equipment 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Power Stations
Power Stations and Transmission (from 1913 work)
Practical Accounting Problems
Practical Aeronautics (from 1913 work)
Practical Lessons in Electricity (from 1913 work)
Practical Mathematics (High School) (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 07 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 08 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 09 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 11 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 12 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 13 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practical Mathematics 14 (from 1935 bulletin)
Practice in Tracing (from 1935 bulletin)
Principles of D. C. Motors
Principles of Motors and Generators 01-13 (from 1935 bulletin)
Principles of Working Drawings 01-04 (from 1935 bulletin)
Private Corporations 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Production Management 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Production Management 11-20 (from 1935 bulletin)
Public Garages
Public Officers (from 1935 bulletin)
Publishers' and Printers' Accounts
Pumps (from 1935 bulletin)
Purchasing and Stores Department
Radio Service 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Railroad Engineering #1, #2
Railway Car Lighting
Railway Electrification
Railway Signaling
Records of Labor and Manufacturing Orders
Refrigeration (from 1913 work)
Refrigeration I.
Reinforced Concrete (from 1913 work)
Rendering in Pen and Ink (from 1935 bulletin)
Rendering in Wash (from 1935 bulletin)
Retailers' Accounts
River and Harbor Improvement
Sales and Advertising Management 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Sales and Advertising Management 11-20 (from 1935 bulletin)
Sanitary Appliances (from 1935 bulletin)
Second Year Algebra (from 1935 bulletin)
Self-Contained Railway Motor Cars
Servicing and Trouble Shooting Radio (from 1935 bulletin)
Settlement of Losses
Sewage Disposal (from 1935 bulletin)
Sewers and Drains (from 1913 work)
Sewers and Drains (Sanitary) (from 1935 bulletin)
Sewers and Drains 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Shades and Shadows (from 1935 bulletin)
Shaper (from 1935 bulletin)
Sheet Metal Work (from 1913 work)
Sheet Metal Work 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Shop Information 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Shorthand (from 1935 bulletin)
Single Entry Bookkeeping—Comparative Statements
Single Proprietor's and Partners' Accounts
Slide Rule (from 1935 bulletin)
Small Dwelling Construction (from 1935 bulletin)
Social Civics (from 1935 bulletin)
Sociology (from 1935 bulletin)
Solid Geometry (from 1935 bulletin)
Spanish (from 1935 bulletin)
Spelling 01-12 (from 1935 bulletin)
State Constitutions and Statutory Laws
Statics (from 1935 bulletin)
Steam and Hot Water Fitting
Steam Automobiles
Steam Boilers. pending restoration.
Steam Engine Indicators (from 1935 bulletin)
Steam Engines (from 1913 work)
Steam Engines 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Steel Construction (from 1913 work)
Steel Construction 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Strategy in Handling People 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Strength of Materials (from 1913 work)
Strength of Materials 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Structural Drafting 01-10 (from 1935 bulletin)
Structural Drafting 1913. Pending restoration.
Study of the Orders 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Study of the Orders Parts I-III
Study of the orders. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Surveying (from 1913 work)
Switchboards 01-03 (from 1935 bulletin)
Symbols and Conventions (Drafting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Telephony, 1912. Pending Restoration.
Telephony Parts I-XVI
Television 01-06 (from 1935 bulletin)
Textile Chemistry and Dyeing (from 1913 work)
The Credit Organization
The Gasoline Automobile (from 1913 work)
The Lawyer in Court (from 1935 bulletin)
The Lawyer in His Office 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
The Orders (from 1913 work)
The Shipping Department
The Voucher System—Accounting Charts
The Working Sheet 01-05 (Accounting) (from 1935 bulletin)
Theory of Accounts Parts I-II
Theory of aviation. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Thermodynamics (from 1935 bulletin)
Title to Estates (from 1935 bulletin)
Title to estates. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Tool Making II. (from 1935 bulletin)
Transmission and Running Gear 01-11 (from 1935 bulletin)
Trigonometric Tables
Trigonometry 01 (from 1935 bulletin)
Trustees', Executors', and Stock Brokers' Accounts
Trusts and Duties of Trustees (from 1935 bulletin)
Types of Aeroplanes
Types of aeroplanes. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Types of Generators and Motors Part 1
Typewriting (from 1935 bulletin)
Underwriters' Requirements for Safe Electrical Installations Part 1
Underwriters' Requirements for Safe Electrical Installations Part 2
Underwriters' Requirements Part 1
Underwriters' Requirements Part 2
Vacuum Tubes 01-05 (from 1935 bulletin)
Valve Gears
Valve Gears and Indicators (from 1913 work)
Vertical Boring Mill (from 1935 bulletin)
Water Supply (from 1935 bulletin)
Water Supply Parts I-III
Water-Power Development Parts 2
Water-Power Development Parts 3
Welding Parts 1
Welding Parts 2
Wholesale, Commission, and Storage Accounts
Wills and Administration of Estates 01-02 (from 1935 bulletin)
Wills and administration of estates. vol 1. (from The Cumulative Book Index, 1913
Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony (from 1913 work)
Wireless Telephony, 1912. Pending restoration.
Wireless Telegraphy Parts I-VII
Wiring 01-14 (from 1935 bulletin)
Woolen and Worsted Finishing (from 1913 work)
Woolen and Worsted Spinning (from 1913 work)
Working Drawings
World History (from 1935 bulletin)